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“Focus on the business and its development without worrying about changing space requirements! »

The workspace is at the center of interactions and must be conducive to the quality of life at work. Its adaptability must respond to a real strategy in order to stimulate employees to work there. In the most efficient way possible and in an optimal atmosphere. This is a major challenge when it comes to finding the right balance between a productive environment and relaxation. It’s essential to offer flexible spaces and modular equipment. It therefore adapts to all employees according to their needs and provides excellent comfort wherever they decide to work. In addition, an interior where the existing environment has been respected will encourage lasting motivation. 


“Optimize your costs and your square meters! »

Tomorrow’s office is more like a large loft where informal exchanges and comfort are the keys for productivity. Why wouldn’t you be able to settle down your business in a place that is conducive to real work: according to soundproofing, design, etc.? Today’s company must create a work environment that corresponds to its identity and diversify the types of spaces: common areas, siesta areas, concentration areas, lounge, soundproof telephone box, coworking areas, kitchen, … 

Moreover, it should be noted that a workstation is used on average only 51% of the time. Taking into account the mobility of employees (in and out of the offices), there are ways to optimize the use of space by 10 to 20% and thus optimize your cost per m2 at the same time.


“Focus on the business and its development without worrying about changing space requirements! »

It is not easy to manage the spatial dynamics as it grows. What will be my need in m2 be in 1 year, 2 years, 5 years? Will we have enough meeting rooms? And the stock? Maybe our logistics department will be so important that we will have to increase the space later ? Or will we need a creative workshop, a “fab lab” or a “maker space”? Every entrepreneur knows that managing change over time is a real headache and that the crystal ball does not exist to help us see clearly in the future. On the other hand, setting up in a workspace where the team feels good is crucial for the company’s sustainability. Tailor’s Factory will regularly take measurements and help you adjust your workspace according to your development!

Mobility 2.0

“Slalom in complete freedom and save time to focus on essentials! “

Mobility in large urban centers has started a revolution. Car sharing and the intelligent combination of various means of transport are becoming increasingly successful. Not to mention a growing number of commuters who use scooters, electric bicycles or other devices to quickly and easily connect their workplace or business appointments. These multimodal, intelligent and sustainable means of transport have the advantage of being fast, compact, and quiet. They also have the main advantage to reduce pollutant emissions.